The Same Old Story

Aaron and I like to remember the good old days, back when we could read whatever we wanted to Alister at bedtime and he was ok with it.  We have an extensive library of children’s books.  We have very old books of fairy tales that belonged to my grandmother.  We have the classics, we have newer and more action-packed books.  We have various Disney stories.  Back in these days, it didn’t matter who read the bedtime story or what we read.  There was always a story and it was good.  Even ridiculous reading material was ok.  I came into Alister’s room once when Aaron was reading to him and asked what story it was.

Aaron:  It’s a technical manual.

Me:  Wait, Alister came with a manual and you’re just now reading it?

Aaron:  No, I’m installing a program and have to read this anyway.

See?  We could read anything to him.  If people still used phone books, we’d have been ok to read one of those.

Now it’s become more difficult.  I’m never allowed to read unless it’s the middle of the day and Aaron isn’t home.  I’m like the emergency backup reader.  We are stuck in the same books for… days?  Weeks?  Months at a time??  I start to lose track after awhile.  I stopped remembering the words to my favorite songs because they were replaced by Green Eggs and Ham or The Sneetches.  Now I miss those stories because we have moved onto various books in the Thomas Train empire.  When I say “various” I mean we alternate about 3 books.  We have huge books full of Thomas stories and he only wants the same three so we can’t even read new Thomas.  I hear this is a common problem for parents and I feel like starting a support group sometimes because if I hear Thomas and The Big Big Bridge one more time, I’m going to jump off the big big bridge and call it a day.

He got us pretty bad last night.

Alister:  Dad, do we have new Spiderman?

(YES!!  We love Spiderman!)

Aaron:  Yeah, we have new Spiderman right here.

Alister:  Ok, I want old Thomas.

What a jerk.