The Story and Cast

This is a journal about the adventures that I have with my family.  My husband is Aaron and my son is Alister.  I’ve never lived with boys prior to this so it’s all foreign to me.  I also don’t know much about blogging so I’m not sure I’m even doing this right.  It was suggested by a friend that I write a blog or a book about the weird things my son does because he’s a complete whackjob.  Often I find myself saying things to him that I never thought I’d say to another human being, like, “stop eating that chair”.

Quick description of the cast:

Me (Delilah);  A transplant to Vancouver from Seattle, originally from Arkansas.  I like video games, cartoons, coloring, drawing, painting and making jewelry.  I take a rock and roll cabaret class and dance in a show once every 8 weeks.  I’m secretly a unicorn.

Aaron:  He’s one of the smartest people I know, which is why I married him.  I need someone to do math for me.  He’s player 1 in the video games we share.  He’s the guy who finds the best cartoons for me.  He helps me deal with our boy when I’m about to lose my shit.  He also learned to cook southern foods just to make it so I can never be swayed by another man.

Alister:  Because of him, I am always entertained and have not been bored since he’s been in my life.  His stubbornness is a blessing and a curse.  He’s one of the funniest people I know.  He is so charming and charismatic that he could have his own tv show.  He owns my heart forever.

Alister, Aaron and Delilah

Alister, Aaron and Delilah


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