Gay Latino Night

During the “in-between time”, when Aaron and I were long-distance dating (before 11pm was late for us), we had different sorts of adventures than we do now.  I rather enjoyed going out dancing until all hours and liked it best if I could find clubs that had personality.  My roommate at the time pretty much just went to dive bars and that became rather boring for me.

BUT… one weekend, Aaron was in town and I decided we needed a bigger adventure.  About 6 months before, I’d gone to a club in downtown Seattle that was considered a goth club.  They played music like Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, etc.  I had a great time and I knew Aaron would want to go dancing there with me so away we went to The Vogue.

We wandered around the vicinity and I was becoming very confused.  We were actually very concerned because the night we met, I walked us 14 blocks in the wrong direction to find the bar we were going to because I refused to let him use his GPS.  I was stubborn that I knew where we were going.  He didn’t know at that point that I’m never to be trusted with directions.  I could get lost in a paper bag.  He asked me several times if I thought I might be lost because by this time, he’d known me for about 3 years and was familiar with my malfunctioning inner compass.

There was one building that looked very familiar and we kept walking past it so I thought we might be close.  We walked by it one last time before I asked the bouncer if he knew where the Vogue was.  WELL… apparently on Saturday nights, this building was the Vogue.  On Friday nights, it was a different club.  By this time, I was cold and it had been raining on us for awhile and I was ready to go sit down and have a drink.  We decided to pop into this place and regroup.

We walked in and were greeted by loud techno/dance music.  As techno goes, it’s not always easy to decipher lyrics to the songs.  People don’t often listen to techno for the deep and meaningful words.  And if the words ARE deep and meaningful to you, you’re probably high on ecstasy.  This music was completely unintelligible to me.  I realized that it was Spanish.  We were grooving to Latin techno!  Aaron asked if I wanted to find someplace else to go or if I was fine where we were.  The music seemed “dancy” enough to me so I decided why not stay and enjoy NOT being rained on.  It did seem a little odd to me that I was pretty much the only woman there but then I realized that most of the couples were made up of gay men.  This was way different than the dive bars I usually ended up in.  I appreciated the variety right then.  I did notice however, that nobody was dancing.  NOBODY was dancing.  It made no sense to me.  There was techno/dance music.  There was alcohol.  Why wasn’t anyone dancing?  I had to take matters into my own hands.  I told Aaron that I wasn’t about to sit there for a couple of hours when we were in an establishment that was clearly made for dancing.  So I did the only thing I could think of; I got up and started dancing.  And then Aaron started dancing.  I suppose we made a bit of a spectacle in our all-black, fishnets, vinyl, black makeup goth-y getup.  But you know what?  Other people joined us.  And we all danced.  It was awesome.


Clearly not ready for the adventure that awaited us.

I’m really glad we decided to have an adventure and I’m really glad that we stayed at that club, even though it was not what I originally expected or wanted to do.  Maybe the moral of my story is to try and have fun wherever you go.  Or be flexible.  Or maybe there is no moral at all and I like this story because it’s something that Aaron and I can look back on later and laugh at the time he wore black lipstick and eyeliner to go dance at Gay Latino Night.